NFL proposing 17 game season


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My response is: Not my favorite idea, but they should only do it if they shorten preseason to 2 or 3 games.

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I think that’s the plan. Last year showed how unnecessary it is. But I do think it will hurt players trying grab a roster spot, the top guys don’t play anyway

So the SB would be 2/13 next year?

Does that mean we can turn that into our Valentines Day event?

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clt always applauds more FB, but adding a second bye week seems better.

It’s insane the money grab the NFL is making here. Should axe one preseason game and add a bye week. I have just about had enough of pro sports

I’m the opposite. Care more about pro sports than college now. College sports nearly dead to me. Interest in sports at all levels probably 25% what it was a decade ago though.

Don’t know how players handle the wear and tear of a 17 game season. Every year bigger, stronger, and faster players make it harder and harder. A lot of guys going to be retiring earlier and earlier.

My life doesnt need sports and I certainly don’t need to contribute to millionaires and billionaires making more money all subsidized with taxpayer money. With college - regardless of wins and losses, I am helping some kids get an education. If we start out right paying them - I’ll be done with college too.

I guess this has implications for NASCAR as well. Reading that the Daytona 500 has been run on Valentine’s Day eight times.