Niner Athletic Events gCal

Myself, Chevee and Gill (mostly gill) will be updating a google calendar with info on when the niners are playing and where. Here is the address that anyone can see it at.


If you use gCal and would like to have it shared to you PM me your gmail addy and I’ll put you on the list.

I don’t know why I didn’t do this before. I’m just dumb I guess.

Here is a link for the calendar, it’s publically searchable now and you don’t need me to add you.


wow…looks like a lot of stuff going on…

WOW…this makes it so much easier than going to the Athletic Dept. website and reading the schedules.

It’s almost completely updated now, only missing Women’s soccer and the upcoming basketball schedule.

This is really only for people that already use the Google Calendar. For us, it’s alot easier than the athletic website

For those too lazy to look elsewhere…

20, Sun, 7:00, MEN’S SOCCER at Winthrop, exhibition, Rock Hill, SC
[B][COLOR=Green]24, Fri, 7:00, Eastern Michigan at VOLLEYBALL, Charlotte Invitational, Halton Arena
25, Sat, 12:30, Presbyterian at VOLLEYBALL, Charlotte Invitational, Halton Arena
25, Sat, 7:00, Appalachian State at VOLLEYBALL, Charlotte Invitational, Halton Arena[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=green]25, Sat, 7:00, UNC Wilmington at MEN’S SOCCER, exhibition, TransAmerica Field[/COLOR][/B]
[B][COLOR=green]31, Fri, 7:00, The Citadel at WOMEN’S SOCCER, TransAmerica Field[/COLOR][/B]
31, Fri, All Day, CROSS COUNTRY at Gamecock Invitational Meet, Columbia, SC
31, Fri, 2:00, VOLLEYBALL vs Illinois-Chicago, College of Charleston Invitational Tournament, Charleston, SC
31, Fri, 7:00, MEN’S SOCCER vs San Jose State, Davidson Tournament, Davidson, NC

I dont know if you used this but they have all the CSV files online at to make it easier on you all you have to do is upload them into the calendar once it is created

and on a semi similar note i do find it funny that in our email in our public folders there is a BLANK 49er Atheltics Master Calendar.

Yep Ranger, that’s what I used.

hey guys here is a calendar for all the student request and claim dates.

if you want the file for use in other progams you can change the extension from .doc and .csv and your good

if the link doesnt work let me know