Niner History 1101

clt says that article should be on the name confusion log

Great read…but tough to read too, a little painful

I definitely remember this one. This one stung. Left me at a loss for words.

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I responded in X but what kills be is even after all that it STILL took grass roots to make it happen, which is mind blowing.


Parts of that article feels like decades ago, some of it seems like today and some of it doesn’t even exist. I am ecstatic that students are camping out for the ECU game. It feels like the old days.

Some things have improved. We have football, we have new leadership, basketball is on the upswing, the ACC feels more irrelevant than ever and I have no clue where Delante Hill is and don’t care.

I hope we look back someday and say I can’t believe we struggled to gain attention and find wins back then. One can only dream.



I remember the North-South, but what was the Queen City Doubleheader?

I was 1 so I don’t recall. :slight_smile:

But I do remember many of a Niner game at the Flying Saucer in the late 70s.
If I remember correctly it was often double-headers with the women and then men like high-school. Of course being like 8 me and my buds would spend most of the game running around and exploring the concourse or sitting in various different seats up in the nose-bleeds.

The Norh-South was two teams from North Carolina vs. two from South Carolina. The teams would then swap opponents the following night. Originally it was Clemson and South Carolina vs UNC-Ch and , I think NC State, but this was later modified after South Carolina left the ACC.

This was my senior year. :green_heart:


Watching this video reminded me of the positives of a regional conference. The Richmond Coliseum had a great crowd and was driveable for our fans. I love the American but I just can’t drive to Ft.Worth to watch the conference tournament even if we make the championship. Great memories in that video. I was in high school at the time dreaming of coming to Charlotte someday. Byron Dinkins was one of my favorite players at the time. I grew up in eastern NC but we could watch the Niners on our satellite dish. Great memories with my dad.


Loved this shot… Fans going nuts.