Niner Nation Fantasy Football Draft Tonight


For some reason we only have 11. Thought we had 12. Anybody want to be a ringer?

I’ll be on auto tonight. Have a training class to attend. <_<

So no laughter when I auto pick something dumb.

ruh roh.

[b]Your league will not be permitted to conduct its draft if it contains an odd number of managers. [/b]

someone must have quit on us. we need a 12th quick… the draft is at 5:45 ET.

I dunno what will happen, I just sent Jimmyhat an invite. We shall see. Hopefully we’ll get to live draft.

Jimmy or somebody join quick… 5 min and counting.

League ID: 379127

Password: 49erFootball

what just happened…why is it reset

Someone dropped out of the league and so we couldn’t draft because we only had 11. Now we have 12 again but we lost our draft spot. I set the draft to Sat at 1:30 since most of us probably work or party Sat evening. Any complaints? Sorry about the changes.

yo i have someone right here that will join…so lets reset it for like an hour from now

Crap… who the hell quit at the last minute? I checked it earlier today and we had 12.

i have to work sat…and i have my roomate that will join now, so lets re do it in a few minutes

[i]Originally posted by NINERcowbellplayer[/i]@Sep 7 2005, 06:49 PM [b] i have to work sat...and i have my roomate that will join now, so lets re do it in a few minutes [/b]
I am up for that if there are any draft times available tonight.

I’m ready to do this thing.

aight we got 12 now lets do it…49erfan where are u?

They won’t let us draft tonight.

I’m down for Saturday, if the better half doesnt have plans for me. :o

I’ll rank 100 players worth and be on auto for the sat draft.