Niner needs help...

No, I’m not a player needing free throw assistance or learning how to block out and rebound…

I am trying to decide if I should buy ESPN’s BB package for the rest of the season. I would get today’s game, obviously, but how many more would I get (that aren’t already scheduled for ESPN or ESPN2?)

Thanks in advance.

Just today’s game and the @ ECU game I think. Those are the only 2 ESPN+ games listed on the ninernation homepage.

Also get every conference tourney game not to mention games like this weeks Kansas/ Nebraska game that went to the wire, etc, etc

Worth every penny

You can buy by the day if you want.

Thanks to you both.

GO NINERS! Whup the Warriors!

Smoothie, or anyone; I’m sitting in a vacation house with Directv and was told by a Directv rep that fullcourt was not available by the day. She was obviuosly reading from the manual. What do I need to do or say?