Niner Network All-Access Available at

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[B]For those that can afford it, you get ALL home games and ALL Niner league away games for the yearly $79.95.[/B]

Here’s the press release on it from Aug 4th:

Niner Network All-Access Available at

I’ll go ahead and post the info below to make it easier. Maybe Jim could do a blog on it to get the word out since apparently many aren’t aware of it.

Subscription Package Allows Access to Live Game Broadcasts, Interviews, Features

Aug. 4, 2008

Charlotte, N.C. – Niner Network All-Access, the Charlotte 49ers internet multimedia platform featuring live game broadcasts, exclusive behind-the-scenes video, “Classic” game broadcasts, game highlights, original programming and coaches’ interviews and press conferences, is now available at

MONTHLY: A monthly, renewable package is available for $9.95 each month. You basically get all home games (All sports).

YEARLY: An annual package that has a savings of $50, is available for $79.95. The annual package includes not only all of the above content and games, but also streaming video of select CBS College Sports broadcasts of 49ers athletics. Those games will only be available to monthly subscribers on a pay-per-view basis. To get the CBS College Sports streams of selected 49ers games for no additional cost, you must be an annual subscriber.

Annual subscribers will have access to any and all games that are streamed. In addition, through the CBS College Sports network and a cooperative agreement within the Atlantic 10, annual subscribers will have access to 49ers’ Atlantic 10 road games that are streamed on-line by the host institution.

All A-10 teams are signed up with CSTV and stream home games.

Yeah that needs to be marketed a little better…