Niner Report Weekly Review - Basketball

Just wanted to stop by and post some articles if anyone is interested in taking a look over the past week or so.

Free-For-All Friday’s (FREE)

Video Interview: 2017 Ty-Shon Alexander (FREE)

UA Camp: Thursday’s Observations (FREE)

“Humbling Experience” for Black (PREMIUM)

UA All-America Basketball Camp Updates(FREE)

VIDEO: 2017 Hunter Talks Charlotte Offer (FREE)

2018 McCadden Camps and Earns Offer (Free)

49ers Sign Seven-Footer Lukas Bergang(FREE)

great work. it looks like we are on some big time hoopsters early for 2017 and 2018.

clt says hoopsters over hipsters.

clt says hoopsters over hipsters.[/quote]

anything over hipsters.