Niner supporters launch NIL collective

I certainly don’t think we planned this but maybe in this new era…we may have inadvertantly found a way to solve this puzzle and play as a mid-major in this world…if it works (remains to be seen).

The Biff model…similar to the Deion model.

Hire someone that has huge financial resources or has connections with deep financial resources that will support the program on behalf of the person you hired. Priming the pump so to speak. Bring someone in that can rally some crazy $$ to get things going in the hopes that others jump on and join in and carry things further once established.

Biff’s resources have helped recruiting without a doubt (especially covering 20+ additional scholarships with NIL money from somewhere)…if that equates to wins maybe the pump can be primed and the city/local businesses/investors will be more enthusiastic about jumping on board to be a part of it.

Either way…it’s no longer just about hiring a good coach and try to win anymore…it’s gonna take a much more complex approach that includes hiring someone that can access the $$ needed to compete for the talent to win.

Certainly is what made Biff stand out to Mike…may become more the norm going forward I would guess.

I agree. I put my two through and they are debt free. I ain’t about to pony up any cash for NIL.

That’s all fine but similar to the NBA and the NFL this is not something I have to participate in.

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I guess my point was…the path to NIL funds doesn’t involve us anyway. NIL money…at least enough to make a difference…will not be funded by average alumni donations. It will come from investors/businesses/et al.

I agree with not putting my money towards it. My $50-$100 is too insignificant to matter and im not donating to pay kids already getting scholarships. But NIL isn’t funded like that anyway.

For us to compete NIL-wise…thats not up to the average 49er club donor…its up to leadership to wrangle in the investors with deep enough pockets willing to invest in our product. Can Mike and/or Biff do that??

Who knows at this point but thats who will eventually make NIL happen here if we can.

Thing is we need those donors donating to things other than NIL and they likely already are.

I’d rather them donate 500k to stadium expansion or a sponsorship than help a kid getting free education and already pocketing cash make more money.

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It wont matter how big the stadium is if its filled with a bunch of 2 star players. Both needed to be runded

And there is the catch. Also won’t matter how big the stadium is if this model runs off fans regardless of wins and losses. And if we have money that is going into players pockets instead of lowering fees our students have to pay our students should sue.

If we win, people will show off. People may not love this model but its not going to run off many people from showing up to watch a winner

We shall see.

Our department runs on student fees. They rightly should push back against that with an NIL collective running.

It’s a house of cards for what is a net money loser at nearly all schools. I don’t care if we are winning or not if I feel like it’s a model I don’t want to support I’ll walk away.

clt thinks NIL is going to fall apart. say you have a pool cleaning service in charlotte and you hire a CHeat player for NIL. is anyone going to pick your service because of that? and you just pissed off charlotte, ncsu, duke, carolina, wake, fans etc

where is the value? maybe 3 appy fans?

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