Niner supporters launch NIL collective

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More power to them and I won’t give them a dime.

Great news. We were falling behind.


All the collective does is make it harder on us to fund the AD without student a fees and build our facilities.

I guess you can hope the collective helps us get players that translate to winning that increases sponsorships and ticket sales.

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I think most athletic departments haven’t lost any foundation money since NIL collectives have launched. Supporters, alumni, etc… are just putting additional money in. Charlotte has the potential to be in the top half of G5 collectives. We have loads of money to tap into with the city. When looking at who started this collective, I think this proves that.

If we ever win in our big two sports, I think fans will jump in also.

Our AD told me most ADs are not seeing new money coming into NIL rather dollars that were going to the AD are being redirected to collectives.

I do agree if the NIL is used as what it was supposed to Charlotte has a great advantage but it’s not - it’s just buying players using booster funds.

I find it hard to believe that NIL money coming from fans will not cut into AD money coming
from fans.

Buying players buys wins, which could position us really well come next realignment.

That’s true but that is also a prosports model and I don’t donate to prosports. Hell I don’t even watch prosports anymore.

I barely watch pro sports but i also want my niners to not only survive, but the thrive and if this is hows to done, its how its done. By not donating, you arent hurting the system, youre only hurting us

Us? It stopped being us when the players stopped caring about school and classes and being a student: They are just hired guns.

I’ve got a few more years where I’m going see where this goes but if college sports keeps on this path and we become a minor league team - I’ll shift my support over to academics. College sports isn’t something I have to have. It isn’t about hurting the system as much as it’s just a system I don’t care to participate in.

Furthermore our students shouldn’t be forced to fund this endeavor.

Which players specifically are you talking about? Players can care about sports and school. Theyre not mutually exclusive.

The kids coming and going in the portal. The kids that are letting an NIL dictate to them where they are going to go or if they are going to leave. The year over year roster turn over.

I know some of y’all just want to win. I get it, but that’s not me. What made me a Niner fan wasn’t winning. It was being in class with Jarvis. It was following players like Diego over his 4 years.

This entire system is so messed up and it’s really crushed my interest- not much unlike the hornets moving killed my NBA cares and the insane money in the NFL killed my NFL cares.

Either way I will not under any circumstances donate to a collective. F that. I’ll give money that helps poor kids get a scholarship not for kids that are already in school for free.


I agree a 100% NWA. I used to have PSL’s to the Panthers. The greed for money just got to ridiculous levels for me. I feel that I am starting to see the same thing in college sports. So many young people would love to have a full ride scholarship for 4 years to a University. But, now it doesn’t seem like that isn’t important. These athletes are not pro talent athletes! A $100,000 + education is plenty of pay for semi pros!
Also, there is a lot of money spent on them to better their football skills so they have a shot on getting into the pros. I am also fine with a small allowance for them. But, now it just looks like it’s going too far, at least for me. For others I understand if it’s not.


I get why people would walk and not choose to support the current system, I really do. The only thing that keeps me around is I think it’s always been crooked as a dogs hind leg so it’s not a big deal to me.

I understand that perspective but it used to be crooked for 5 star kids and the system of sitting out etc at least made it less likely a school like us becomes a farm team. School still mattered and these college athletes had experiences close to what we had. The difference between college and pro is literally they were one of us. It’s still true in the non revenue sports for the most part. Not the big two though.

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I decided early on that I would not give to NIL. I put 3 kids through college. I was fine donating towards scolarships, but Not paying kids that are alredy getting a free education and stipends to come play college sports. F-that.
Only the top programs will survive this. I just hope we can occasionally put together a good run in Basketball and Baseball. I just don’t see it happening in Football.

Student atletic fees are next to go. Surprised it hasn’t already happened.

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Yeah to me the scary thing is & always has been the pay to play part of NIL. I don’t mind players making money from being included in a video game or top players getting a shoe deal or endorsing other products because there is actually a return on investment for the companies sponsoring them. That’s what NIL is supposed to be. I was always afraid boosters would find ways to disguise a commercial for a business as a way to funnel a lot of money to kids to convince them to come play at their school. What I didn’t see coming was this being done out in the open with no disguise & no consequences for doing it. With collectives thrown in on top that paying players a base salary just to commit to certain schools, NIL has become much more pay to play than getting paid fair market value for name, image & likeness. It’s turned into exactly what I was afraid of but much faster & way more out in the open than I expected.

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