College athletes and compensation - NIL, Alston v NCAA, etc 💰

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Baton Rouge Gold GIF by LSU Tigers

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We’re the Niners in the 2014 NCAA Football video game? I’m not into video games but would be interested in seeing what our team looks like in the 2024 game.

This is interesting. Didn’t realize the ties where so close.

This is so NOT what NIL is supposed to be.

“ Back in February, Texas A&M announced the 12th Man Foundation had created the 12th Man+ Fund to provide NIL opportunities. The entity appears to be acting on behalf of the institution, which is against the NCAA’s policy. Texas A&M is believed to be the first school whose official athletic booster organization is directly fundraising for NIL opportunities.”

This really isnt NIL, but I didn’t want to make a new thread for it.

Looks like we re-upped the OrthoCarolina sponsorship.

Which is cool. They’ve been consistent supporters of the program. Much appreciated.

Maybe hop over to Twitter and give Ortho a like…


Per above: