Niner talk on Gameday Chat

Here are some exerpts from the gameday chat on ESPN.

Phillip (Goldsboro): Howie, do the 49ers need to run the table and win the C-USA tourney to make the NCAA?

Howie Schwab: (4:02 PM ET ) No, I think Charlotte deserves more consideration than that.I think that barring a collapse, Bobby Lutz’s team will make it.Iknow there are a couple of bad losses,but Ilike the odds

Rochelle, IL): DePaul is going to beat UC today and now willhave a solid chance at winning Conf USA. If so, they should get a 5 or 6 seed, right?

Pat Forde: (5:19 PM ET ) DePaul is definitely coming on, beating Cincy helps. They could use a couple more road statements. They have a couple big chances coming up, they’re at Charlotte, then at Marquette and then later at UAB. How they do in those three, then at home in the finale against Louisville will tell their tale.

Jared (Windsor): Does Charlotte have the fire power to make a good run in the big dance. With there trio in Basden, Plavich, and Withers can they make the Elite Eight?

Jay Bilas: (6:31 PM ET ) They do because they can shoot it. Withers is such a great interior presence and Basden is one of the most underrated players in the country. He is a bigtime rebounder for a guard and scratches in almost every catergory on the stat sheet. Plavich can shoot from any zipcode in the state. I really like that Charlotte team.

Jay wasn’t there long so it’s great that a Charlotte question got in.

what kind of question is that from phillip?


[i]Originally posted by MKNiner[/i]@Feb 12 2005, 08:17 PM [b]Phillip (Goldsboro): Howie, do the 49ers need to run the table and win the C-USA tourney to make the NCAA? [/b]
????? :wacko:

Wow… does anybody in a major conference need to go 26-4 and 14-2 in conference to make the NCAA tournament?

On another note, why does every media person in the country thing Basden is a guard? He may be a guard’s size and might even play guard on a different team, but he’s our SF.

Good stuff though, if Jay Bilas was old, loud and annoying he would get a lot more air time and Charlotte would be a little more well known. Oh well, still good to have a couple of fans at ESPN.