NinerNation.Net lunch


Back by popular demand!

Let’s do a Niner Nation Lunch! Hickory Tavern at North Lake - the place has legendary meaning!

Date: 5/24/19
Location: Hickory Tavern
Time: 1:00 pm
Why: Because it’s been far too long
Who: You! Looking at you @49orbust @NinerAdvocate @NinerID @itsbraille49 @Agent49 @Roasty @emf @ and whoever else!

itsbraille (early)
JMT - We got you brother

Let’s do this!!!


Location is nice but can’t make it at 1, new job takes lunch 11:30-12:30 (the ring bells and everything). If anyone wants to keep me company earlier I’ll make an appearance.


I can get there at the thirty of eleven.

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You mean CFI Tavern :call_me_hand: I’ll be there.

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I’m broke, otherwise I would.


Shush. Show up and dance for your lunch or something. Niners will take care of you. :smile:

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I wish I could make this one, hopefully this happens again sometime soon. I met a couple of you at the FJR celebration at Belfast, would love to catch up.


Sounds awesome. I have upper management in town next week and they are taking us to lunch. Not sure if it is Thursday or Friday yet. If I’m available i’m in.

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If y’all do one in the summer, I’m down. Can’t get off during the week w my job. Have fun guys


Hoping I can attend. Never met any of you face to face.

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I’m good. My work lunch is on Thursday.


I’m a maybe, but can probably make it.


You pick the one day I will be in Ballantyne next week.


I’d go but I’ll be traveling for work. :frowning:


Would love to join but we will be out of town, enjoy Gents!


My week is a complete shit show, probably not happening for me.


You might be held accountable for your crimes against the Arcade.


Looks like we have about 8 folks which is awesome.

We used to do these on the regular, so I think we can get these cranked back up and rotate around town.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Hour and a half drive for me…:thinking:


If there’s any takers, I’d be down with following up lunch with an excursion to Belfast.