#NinerNationGives going on now!

I encourage you to donate during this 2 day campaign to raise funds for the University and Athletics! There are plenty of different funds you can allocate resources to!


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49R Done

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Not in relation to 49er gives, but does anyone know if there is a reoccurring donation that can be set up? Like X amount per month taken out automatically?

Yes I’ve set my annual donation to be taken out monthly. I’m not sure if you can do it via the 49er Club website as I called in to the athletic department and set mine up.

Donate even $5 if you can. We are 149 gifts away from a $10,000 donation being unlocked.

Guys - if I just donate $7,192,671.80 this year, I can takeover #1 in priority points.


And we can kickstart stadium expansion too.


So, you are not the first to ever do that!

I will donatibg later today.


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Bump, just a little over 40 minutes left!



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2019 Final:

$639,470 RAISED 3,236 GIFTS


Even if Athletics doesn’t get the most donations, it did help drive the bus this year. If it weren’t for following you guys on twitter and on this chat page, I wouldn’t have known about it. So the more athletics make alumni want to participate the more donations the entire university will receive.


Was there another single department that had more donations then Athletics?

Maybe not. I didn’t look.