Poor Iti, but I got a kick of the below quote from this article.

“With so many counterparts as tall as he, Martin Iti will need to avoid his propensity to play defense by giving the opposition a high-five when they are shooting the ball.”

I’m mad I can’t be there tonight…GO NINERS!

That line about Iti is pretty funny.

BTW, Oklahoma State transfer Onye Ibekwe is not eligible until late December when Long Beach State plays in the Rainbow Classic in Hawaii. As such, we won’t see him tonight.

Also, former Xavier big man Anthony Coleman was eligible in December last year but played only 2 games for LBSU before a season-ending injury sidelined him until now.

Right Coast 49ers will beat the Left Coast 49ers by 20+…


Funny and true quote from a fellow ninernationer in an article on the 49ers in the March 16th issue of creative loafing…

“One thing to say really quick. The Observer sucks. I think the 49ers get more coverage up here in the Washington Post than down there in that kiss-ass paper. The Observer has its head so far up UNC/Duke’s ass that they could tell me what Coach K and Coack ‘I have never won anything in my life’ Williams had for dinner”

Hahaha! That’s great!

By the way… the rest of the article - that is a good 5 pages (including the usual advertisements) - is a good article. Check it out.