NinerReport's Eddie Basden feature

Hey guys, I thought you might find this interesting.

Our new reporter Tim Parker did a really good job with it and frankly we want to continue to boost interest…

I particularly like the part about Eddie Basden doing a P Diddy impression with a potential clothing line.

Also, we’ll have the lowdown on Ishmael Smith and Doneal Mack very soon. You’ll want to read that!

Anyway hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend.

NinerReport’s Eddie Basden feature

Great article on an all-time great Niner.


Hope everyone enjoys my article on Eddie. It was a great interview and I learned a lot about him. If you want your own copy, it comes out Tuesday in the UTimes. So please be sure to pick up a copy. My next project is a feature on Brendan Plavich, so be looking for that real soon Niner fans. GO NINERS!

Eddie Basden for Bobblehead + Jersey Retirement!!!

[i]Originally posted by Anborn[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 02:16 PM [b] Eddie Basden for Bobblehead + Jersey Retirement!!!!! [/b]
...and Conference USA Player of the Year!!!

bumped becuase EB and NinerReport are both badass.

Being a bball junkie and having coached also, I love Eddie’s game as much as anybody. Saying that, retiring his jersey would be ridiculous. In fact, some of the jerseys on that wall already are ridiculous. Love 'em all, but seriously…only 3 numbers should be on that wall:


Who, outside of us, has ever heard of Melvin Watkins or Byron Dinkins? Hell, even people in College Station (Texas, not the apartments across the street) still don’t know who Melvin is! Either way, Eddie’s great. Has gotten better every year. But he’s had one GREAT season (you COULD argue 2, with the DPOY last season - maybe) and has never been the focus of our team. Even this year it was either Curtis or Brendan, up until halfway through the season. Not exacatly the pedigree you need. Be a CUSA Tourney MVP, dominate in the NCAA Tourney this year, and be the leader that gets us to an Elite 8 appearance and I may sing a different tune then!! That being said, he’s definitely a badass!!

I disagree with everything you wrote, except for Eddie being a badass.

Jobey and Diego both had better overall Niner careers. Should their #s be retired? Soon there won’t be any #s left. Gotta be extra-extroardinary for that I say. Hope he kicks ass today and everyday until then though. If his # ever DOES go up there - that means this season is gonna be special…

withers should be the next number retired.

[i]Originally posted by cltniners[/i]@Feb 12 2005, 05:21 PM [b] withers should be the next number retired. [/b]
He'll have to live up to expectations before that happens (Yes, I know he is a helluva player, but he hasn't lived up to the "Wooden 50" preseason talk yet). Tonight was a decided step in that direction. Gotta have the big games, the consistency, and somehow get us to the next level first.
[i]Originally posted by Pork Chop[/i]@Feb 11 2005, 05:50 PM [b] I disagree with everything you wrote, except for Eddie being a badass. [/b]
Eddie shouldn't have his number retired (at least not as he currently stands) unless he somehow takes us on his shoulders and puts us in the final 4. Eddie is all heart and as such will always have a place in all of ours. Just not sold that he should be in the rafters as well.