Niners in the NFL / Pros

Niners will have an unprecedented :three: participants later this month in Indy:

:white_check_mark: OT Cam Clark
:white_check_mark: DE Alex Highsmith
:white_check_mark: RB Benny LeMay

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clt says we are churning out nfl players!

Let me see if my math is correct. Charlotte has 3 players going to the combine, and Appy has 2 players. 3 > 2, right?


Schools of Interest

C-USA - 11

  • Charlotte - 3
  • FAU - 2
  • FIU - 2
  • LA Tech - 2
  • UNT - 1
  • USM - 1

Sunbelt - 7

  • Appy - 2
  • AK State - 1
  • GA Southern - 2
  • LA-LA - 2


  • ECU - 0


  • Wake - 3
  • NCSU - 2
  • UNC-CHeat - 2
  • Duke - 0

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So Charlotte had the most players invited to the combine of any North Carolina school?

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Looks that way, and our social media should do something with that.



clt provides link to observer article:

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Wake Forest had three players invited to the combine.

Well shoot, I screwed that up. Sorry, I have fixed the earlier post.

These were Lambert recruits right?

I think you know the answer to that, like the rest of us are aware of how many winning seasons Lambert had.


My point is, the first sentence of the article is extremely misleading. It should say The Charlotte 49er football program continues to produce NFL talent. Although Lambert recruited them, Healy and his staff certainly had something to do with their growth as players. Likely more than Lambert and his staff.

For a program only 7 years old its a great accomplishment to have 2 NFL regulars and 3 more on their way to the combine.

Now that they both work in the same city, Healy fully intends to pick Rhuleโ€™s brain and build a connection with a coach heโ€™s long admired.

โ€œIโ€™m a huge Panthers fan and I want talk to him about how he installs culture and holds people accountable for it,โ€ Healy said. "Iโ€™ve run into Matt a couple times and I was planning on going to Waco to spend some time with him in the offseason. I donโ€™t have to make that trip now. Iโ€™ll just drive 15 minutes down the road

โ€œ Small-school standout: Benny LeMay, Charlotte

At just over 5-8 and 220 pounds, LeMay is built for the NFL and can win in multiple ways. He can make people miss with power, wiggle, and vision. Not to mention, he can catch passes out of the backfield. LeMay figures to carve out a nice role in an NFL backfield.โ€


โ€œ Ole Missโ€™ Scottie Phillips topped the running backs in the bench press with 29 reps โ€“ four more than TCUโ€™s Sewo Olonilua. Charlotteโ€™s Benny LeMay and Illinois Stateโ€™s James Robinson had 24 apiece.โ€

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Where is this โ€œsmall-schoolโ€ narrative coming from? Twice in last 2 days Iโ€™ve heard that phrase.

itโ€™s another way for the schills for P5 programs to degrade non-P5 schools. if you are playing at the fbs level, youโ€™re not playing at a โ€œsmall schoolโ€