Niners in the Pros Update

Last night, Spencer Steedley was called in to pitch relief. He got the save by pitching 4.0 innings, giving up 5 hits, one run. His ERA is now 4.15 with 13 innings over 5 games. He has had 14 strikeouts. He has appeared in relief style and has one win without a loss and one save. As a previous post has said he is pitching for Elizabethton Twins of the App. League (a rookie league).

Adam Mills pitched July 1, picked up the save by pitching four scoreless innings, giving up only 2 hits and striking out three. His ERA is now 2.00. And moving downward. The early season so far has him with a 1-0 record, one save, in nine innings of work. He also is being up in relief. But both appear to be long relief and probably don’t necessarily bode their future positions. imo

And Kris Rochelle is now playing for Oneota in the NY-Penn League. Last night he had two at bats with no hits against Mills Lowell Spinners team. So I hope they had a chance to catch a beer after the game :toast: although Mills had the bragging rights after his team won a doubleheader 8-3 and 10-6. They also have a game tonight. Wouldn’t it be something if Mills pitches against Rochelle. Who do you all believe would win that one? I predict a 1 single with 4 at bats for Rochelle.

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Awesome! Thanks for the update! That’d be really cool to see Mills pitching against Rochelle.

Keep the updates coming!

Charlotte 49er webpage announced that Matt Foard signed with the Yankees. That makes four players and 3 pitchers signed off this season’s team. Matt pitched to one batter and struck him out in his debut last night. The following link mentions him.


[QUOTE=Johnny449ers;247685]That makes four players and 3 pitchers signed off this season’s team.[/QUOTE]
That little stat should help with the recruiting of more good pitchers for the future.

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The really encouraging sign is that our bench is not sucked dry with pitchers. We still have some very good pitchers that had to wait for their time this year. I will try to update summer league pitching soon. But these are some players ERA’s
Dusty White-----------------2.76
Kelly White-------------------2.86
BJ Hagen----------------------3.48
Zach Rosenbaum------------1.00
Keith Moreland---------------3.42
Bryan Hamilton---------------0.51
Greg McDaniel----------------0.84
Their combined W-L is 16-6.

We will have a very good pitching staff next year!

Last night, Spencer Steedley pitched the last two innings for Elizabethton Twins 7-2 win over Greeneville. He got two strikeouts, no hits, no walks. His ERA is now at 3.60 and working more and more as a closer.


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