Niners Live

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Will be the first coach radio show I’ve listened to in a long time.


He said Alex is coming this weekend


Great person to get the players hyped up!

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Anything else noteworthy said for those that missed?

Just listening to him talk about practices and his players makes me so freakin ready for Saturday. Had to tune out to go to orchestra rehearsal, so I missed from 6:30 on

Will there be a replay of the Niners Live for those who missed it?

Looks like you can listen in the Varsity app

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This dude is a leader and extremely intelligent. Can’t wait to see him succeed Saturday


Matt just said Coach is “under the weather” so won’t be on Niners Live on ESPN 730 tonight. AHC Kyle Devan filling in.

It’s those Carolina allergies. It’s the gift that keeps giving almost all year long

Haven’t seen a link to the archive of last night’s show. In fact, finding nothing. Actually a good interview with Devan etc.

Almost seems like we - as in the AD - don’t won’t anyone to know about this season’s show. Hmm… :thinking:

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Replays are available on the varsity network app.

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Yep, but just surprised there’s nothing on the official AD website, Twitter/X, etc mentioning anything about yesterday’s show - especially with it being a holiday. Oh well! :man_shrugging:

As just mentioned on the “Afternoon Rush” by Bobby Rosinski, coming up at 6 on ESPN 730.

Should be archived here, but I can never get it to work:

I got it to work. Not sure how. Crappy site

Tonight at 6 on ESPN 730.