Niners not cutting sports -CLT Business Journal

Mike Hill told the Charlotte Business Journal that the Niners will not be cutting any sports at this time and are looking forward to the fall. Gotta give credit where credit is due, Judy kept us in the black year after year and I’m sure that’s helping a ton right now. Also gotta give credit to Niner Nation for raising nearly $100K to fund scholarships for seniors for next spring.


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Things like this make me proud to be a Niner. I know we don’t have tons of money or big shiny toys but we aren’t having to tell kids they no longer play sports at our university and coaches they no longer have a jobs.

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I really believe that other conferences, and the ADs and Presidents in those conferences, will look closely at fiscal soundness as important for any realignment. I am not saying it hasn’t always been a factor, but right now we are seeing who was playing their hand with fantasy dollars, and who is solid.

As someone who has ripped Judy over and over For all kinds of things for years - I do commend her for her financial stability even if part of it is because she sucked so bad at things. In this case her lack of vision and her willingness to rely on fees vs organic fund raising is working in our favor. One thing she didn’t do was over extended the AD and right now that is paying off.


At the risk of reading too much into things, I find it interesting that Spease is credited with fiscal responsibility instead of Judy as per previous messaging.