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I’m new to the 49ers so I’ve been looking around trying to find anything about them. Unsuccessful. Who’s good, who isn’t, who are they recruiting, etc?

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Torin Dorn - CUSA freshman of the year and leading scorer on the team. Does everything fairly well. Doesn’t really have any major holes in his game, but he still has room to grow his game.

Keyshawn Woods - our other star freshman this year. Averaged around 9 points per game I believe and was around 25th in the nation in 3 point shooting % going into the CUSA tournament. Not sure where he finished up, but at the end of the regular season he was around 47% from 3. Has a good pull up jumper. IMO, every big as talented as Dorn (although less athletic), but less inclined to shoot the ball.

Mike Thorne - probably transferring. He has announced he will graduate and go elsewhere, but word is he’ll consider sticking around depending on who we hire. One of the better big men in CUSA. Has a very traditional big man game with a nice hook shot. Poor FT shooter.

Ivan Benkovic - Basically just a 3 point shooter. Doesn’t stand out at anything else. A nice guy to have off the bench, but will never be a starter.

Willie Clayton - transferring

Benas Griciunias - 7 foot transfer from Auburn. He had to sit out this year, so I don’t know anything about his game.

Braxton Ogbueze - transfer from Florida. Was a top 50 player in HS when he committed to the University of Florida. He had some great games this year, but he was inconsistent. Has star potential, but can’t have big shooting lulls like he had during the middle of the season.

Cameron Blakley - bench player that mostly just shoots 3’s despite being 6’9. I’ll be surprised if he sticks around honestly.

We have a 4 star top 75 recruiting ( rankings) committed for next season. His name is Ebuka Izundu and he’s a 6’10 PF/C from Nigeria. Scouts/analysts have been raving about him and called him a huge steal for us. If we keep the commitment, he will be a big help. Has offensive skills and is a great shot blocker.

Jesse Pistokache is another commit we have. He’s a combo guard out of Texas, but I don’t really know much about him. He isn’t signed to a LOI, so I have my doubts his commitment sticks.

We also got a 6’11 PF commit from Lithuania 2-3 weeks ago, but I doubt that sticks now.

great write up, but what about Sullivan? Did i miss something with him?

[quote=“NJNiner12, post:4, topic:29507”]great write up, but what about Sullivan? Did i miss something with him?[/quote]no I just forgot to include him

Mitch Warner? Is he a transfer too? If not, I’d like to see a write up for him as well.

he is a walk on. i believe he only did scholarship players.

he is a walk on. i believe he only did scholarship players.[/quote]

Was kidding

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