Niners vs Holes game.. I want details

And I don’t mean box score stuff. I want to know how was the crowd? Lots of walmart fans there? Any Charlotte students pulling for the enemy this time? Did the Carowhina coach bitch about getting heckled again? Did Lew stab anyone? I hate that I missed this game… so fill me in!!


the mods don’t want you to have direct access to that information.

They had a decent contingent. They were lame though. When they scored their first run, they started the Tar…Heels chant. We immediately went to the 40…9ers and drowned them out. They never went back to it. Our fand owned theirs. Period. And that’s the bottom line, cause SCK said so.

how was lambert’s pitch? Did he get a good reaction from the fans?

I thought they had the lowest percentage of fans of any of their games I’ve been to. And the quietest too. They were really quiet at the end of the game.

Coach Lambert’s pitch was ok, though he stood a little closer to the plate than I would have. The crowd was not as big as I anticipated. There must have been professional wrestling going on in Gaston county tonight. Carolina lost the game because their bonehead infielder failed to tag our guy stealing second base. Probably figured he didn’t have to complete the play because he was wearing the baby blue.

Coach Lambert throws out the first pitch

Did Lambert Come up into the stands and talk with the fans?

Great college baseball atmosphere tonight. Every Friday night home game should be like that IMO. I wish some of my fellow season ticket holders would realize that we have more than 1 home game a year. Big things are happening at the Hayes!

What are our chances of post-season play?

It took some searching to find it, but here is the Observer’s story.

Did Judy make an appearance and show off her new 'do?

We’re Dancing only if we win the A10 Tournament. Conference RPI is better this year than from past seasons, but it won’t be good enough to earn an at-large berth even if we were to win out.

Didn’t see Judy or Phil. Maybe they were in the suite???


I think he spent most of his time in the suite with a lot of the AD Staff

I think he spent most of his time in the suite with a lot of the AD Staff[/quote]

My eyesight isn’t what it used to be but I swear I saw some baby blue up there in the suite.

That was Phil.

From what I heard the tar hole fans were very upset that the scoreboard said “Chapel Hill” instead of UNC CH hahahahahaha i love it

I’ve gotten lazy on posting RPI update, but here are some numbers:

After going 4-1 last week, we moved up 29 spots from 176 to 147. After last night’s win, we moved up 31 more spots to 116. The rest of this week presents a great opportunity. Upstate is 176 and X is 94. We could move into the top 100 if we take care of business. We’ve also got a good opportunity to get a good jump on the rest of the league. X was picked to finish second this year.

More good news: the A-10 is up to 19th in the conference RPI.