NLI help please...

Two friends of ours (sisters) who are not US citizens are being recruited by a Pac-10 school for BBall. They are both in junior college now. They have both received NLI’s for the '06-'07 year. Questions:

  1. Do NLI offers only stipulate the first year, e.g., the letter says only that consideration will be given based on eligibility for the year after.

  2. Nothing in the NLI I believe states what would happen if the player is injured and cannot return to play, i.e., what happens to their schoalrship?

  3. No reference is made to health care provisions.

I have an attorney involved but wanted any other informed a opinions. I am not familiar with what DI schools typically have in their ‘offers’.


This may help… [URL=][B]National Letter of Intent[/B][/URL].