NN.N Fantasy Football league II

[size=1.45em]3 spots remaining[/size]

[font=arial][size=13px]Only join if you will manage throughout the season.[/size][/font]

[font=arial][size=13px]Live Draft Wed Sept 7th, 9pm. Do not join unless you can be at the draft.[/size][/font]
[size=13px]League ID:[/size][/font] 479058

Password: football

Custom League URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/nnffl2


in. will be my fifth league this year but the rules are a little different so that will make it different. (which is a good thing)

4 spots remaining

when will we know our draft positions?

It is picked randomly right before the draft.

that sucks how are we suppose to develop our stradegy?

bump, still 4 spots left.

I apologize for joining the league and scaring off all the would be participants.


I’m in.

[size=5]3 spots open[/size]

Are we at the point where Non Niners are welcome to fill it out?

I’m in. 2K, the drat is Wednesday September 7th. Not the 6th.

Mack, thanks. Yes, anyone can sign up. just recommend to guys/gals that will be active.

bump. lets fill out the last two spots before Wednesdays draft.

yes, 2 spots left. Anyone can join.

now full.

If there is someone left who really wants to join, I can drop. I didn’t realize my big money league draft is only 15 mins apart from this one.

If you want my spot, PLEASE TEXT ME 704-488-0704.

If someone wants it, I will drop, if not I will probably just have a crappy crappy draft.

I am pretty sure i have already won this league!