NNN Championship Game!

After several weeks of action, HP and Run are the only two left standing. Please cast your votes in this marquee matchup between two NNN heavyweights.

This poll will run for one full week to allow everyone time to vote so please vote by May 3rd.

It’s the big one…

I think you guys are underestimating Run’s contribution to this site. He is the sole contributer of 80% of the information that surfaces on this place.

I have it on good authority that HP had his heart replaced with the heart of an old crazy looking prospector, whos name happened to also be Norm. The heart was dunked in a vat of green paint before implanted into HP’s chest.

Both are legendary to this site…and equally deserving of the award. If it wasnt gonna be me…I’m glad it is either Run or HP

Both posters seem to share the same views.

  1. They are both often critical of the Observer.

  2. Neither is overly critical of our coaches.

  3. Neither is overly critical of our AD.

  4. Neither references another team when discussing “their” team.

  5. They have both been NINERS for centuries.

  6. HP likes FAT WOMEN (not sure if Run does or does not).

BDD has a message for you…

[QUOTE=Over40NINER;235632]6. HP likes WOMEN (not sure if Run does or does not).[/QUOTE]
fixed :shades:

voted for run

I think it’s amusing how 3 posts up Max Power’s avatar looks suspiciously like the picture he posted.

I do know that both these guys are great fans. This is a little unfair because I don’t know Run besides the incredible amount of Niners/A10 info he posts here, but anyway. I do know that HP does come from High Point to watch a lot of baseball games and also had perfect attendance for the rewards party and was at the rewards party. I go to pretty much every Charlotte game I can…but I’m a student, I live right across campus, and it’s free. For HP, it takes heart. And he didn’t win anything for it.

BDD has a message for you....
Eat your heart out.


Bump for votes … because it’s the championship game!!
:bball: :clap:

vote for Run49er…:thumbsup:


[IMG]http://jabba.s4r.com/cg/woohoo.gif[/IMG] [B][SIZE=6][COLOR=DarkGreen]Woohoo![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
That little-- that kid is tripping me out.
[IMG]http://jabba.s4r.com/cg/woohoo.gif[/IMG] [B][SIZE=6][COLOR=darkgreen]Woohoo![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

I don’t know if it’s just cause it’s really early in the morning, but I cannot stop laughing at this little ****in kid.

Congratulations, HP… 2007 POY

William, you need to thank me for this. I used my special charm and convincing ways :wink: to convince JCL to fix the voting for you.

Dang, stay away for a while and missed the main event. That’s what happens when you go out in the first round I guess. Anyway, congrats HP!! A true 49er!!

[QUOTE=49or bust;236665]That little-- that kid is tripping me out.[/QUOTE]