NNN Golf Outing - Myrtle Beach November 21, 2020

With the announcement that the Charlotte 49ers will be playing in the 2020 Myrtle Beach Invitational, I figure this would be a tournament we’ll have a pretty good traveling contingent show up for.

The tournament days are Thursday November 19, Friday 20, and Sunday 22, leaving Saturday the 21st open. There being no shortage of places to play in Myrtle Beach, if there is enough interest in putting together a group, no matter the size, we can either do a general meet up or try to coordinate a scramble or other type of tournament. I’m happy to take the lead on it if there’s enough interest.

We’re a year away, but as you all talk to your significant others and think about whether you want to go, if you play golf (no matter your skill level) I think it would be fun for us to send the wives to the outlets while we go enjoy some time on the course.


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Just finished a golf trip in Myrtle. 6 rounds in 5 days. I’m theoretically on board, assuming I can get the requisite permissions.

My only thought is to not plan too much of this until we see our football sched for next season

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Don’t know if I could afford the day my wife would spend at the outlet malls while we were golfing.

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I have interest n the golf, thanks! Kyle


Brilliant idea JFick…

Hopeful that Mike Hill can make sure CUSA has football either on the road, or on a bye week.

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If football is away, I’m in there like swimwear

Welcome to the board!

clt calls wolf

All rides on football schedule

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I’m interested in doing this.