NNN Intramural Teams

Hey guys. I was thinking of making a NNN intramural club. We would play in as many sports as possible, and try to win the points championship.

here is the sign up shcedule as of now. We missed the soccer sign up but we will attempt to get in anyways.


Sign up here!

[B]Mens Vollyball (6)[/B]

[B]Soccer (TBA) (6)[/B]

come on You guys need to get up off that computer and MOVE

i would do it but you know the reasons why i can’t

Ive got my group together for bball and Co-rec softball. Dont really have time for anything other than that

already on an intramural soccer team of my own

hey… i’ll play on the men’s soccer team… i can hold down the goalkeepin’.

And i can probably play volleyball if ya need me… I’m 6’5" so i’m good up front. haha

Ok, I’ll put you on for Vball, as for soccer still no reply :frowning:


oh damn… they have dodgeball now?! too fun. I woulda so dominated that shit.

I’ll take it u will sign up for our dodgeball team?

So when are gettin’ this going?

Eh… We didnt find enough people. Dodge ball we could make happen…