NNN Lunch?

Anyone in for getting one of these set up on next week or two? If so what part of town?

Sammys it is

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Union County.

Cabarrus County or U City?

It’s gonna be in Mecklenburg county I can promise ya.

Depending on when it is I would love to meet up.

Well what’s a good time frame and location for ya?

Monday or Friday of next week, or any day the week after? I can be anywhere in Charlotte at lunchtime.

Fridays are best for me, FWIW.

I’ll join in if I can!

I’ll work on picking a good time!

These are always a good time

OK How about 10/23 or 11/1?

11/1 works for me. No school that day

11/1 :+1:

I can pull off 11/1 I believe.