NNNIT Final Four: Jim Utter vs J Felt

Vote in this final four matchup.

Winner of the Utter Region: (1) Jim Utter
Winner of the J Felt Region: (1) J Felt

I really don’t know who to vote for in this one. We have Jim Utter, the man who gives us all the inside scoop on our AD. And then we have J Felt, who does the podcast and is a friend of mine. I will wait out the next few days and see who things go before making my decision.


[SIZE=5]BOOOOOO UTTER! Shame on you…[/SIZE]


Voting ends in 2 days. I still don’t know who gets my vote.
It looks like this will be the closest match-up for Jim Utter

Wow. Toughy. A loyal 104 Halton Hooligan…or the Jim Utter?


1 day left

Let’s just remember who brings you audio interviews with your favorite 49er coaches, including most recently Bobby Lutz. Written articles are nice, but isn’t it nice to HEAR how excited Bobby is?

and CharLacrosse, remember when I used to give club lacrosse coverage on nineronline.com? I sure do.

gotlutz, didn’t I get you a ticket to a game this season?

Wow, JFelt trying to cash in all his chips at once.

gotlutz, didn't I get you a ticket to a game this season?

Jim, here’s your chance…

Although front row Niner seats are hard to match…

Coca Cola 600 tickets might do the trick though…