No gameday thread?? WAKE UP NINER NATION!!!


Sure I will play along!


how about a CHUCK AMATO chant tonight in the student section! get it goin lew


[size=1](out of superstition I stopped posting in these, but looks like curse has been broken)[/size]


Weโ€™re only 6 point underdogs. We can do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Saddest. Game. Day. Thread. EVER.


almost as bad as when we played Tennessee because EVERYONE thought we were going to get smashed, and I think people are thinking the same thing.

KJ and Barnett are going to be on fire, Braz will foul out but we will win

X-Men need to wake up to the real world! This is not a comic book or a movie! Theyโ€™re going down like the bee-atches they are!!!



I have no doubt we will win this game. Itโ€™s so us. Peace. 8)

Nice call bball!! :o

We win when I start the gameday thread.

[quote=โ€œ49er1, post:5, topic:24888โ€]NINERS!

Weโ€™re only 6 point underdogs. We can do it! :p[/quote]

We DID it!! :)) 8) :stuck_out_tongue: :o ;D

And I post in it apparently.