Normbulance Tailgate Remainder of 2019 Season

The last three games we will tailgating at the stadium near the side gate on the FSL side. We were there for Game 1 and 3. Please come and join us. The AD and Coach Healey have really liked the crowd and energy we brought and the team loves walking by us. In addition anyone with kids - this is a great location, plenty of room for the kiddos to run around.

If you don’t want to walk from red or blue or wherever the passes in the Orange CRI deck are $24 bucks.


Just want to give this a bump, if you’re looking for somewhere to pregame come on down. It would be huge if we can get the W over MT this weekend and if you’re around let’s give the guys a jumping Niner Walk.

Absolutely come join us. The bigger the crowd the better. Great location and an awesome time!

AND the little ones love this area with the grass hills to play on.