North Texas Away Game 2-13-20 8:00 Tip

Idk it’s weird. My computer plays clearer but it makes me log in through my TV provider. Something seems different about espn3 vs. espn+

ESPN+: better feed, can fast forward, rewind, and pause

ESPN3: no fast forward, rewind, or pause tonight, feed cutting in and out.

You aren’t viewing on ESPN+ Tonight

Assumed I was since that’s what I logged into. Was just trying to share my feedback, but thank goodness you were here to correct me

clt says the commercials are crystal clear like our pristine creeks, problem is unt

But where is Dennis Celery?

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Jesus. We just can’t keep quick guards from getting to the rim.

I bet you take being corrected in life real well. Anyways, the point I was making was that you weren’t haven’t espn3 issues like some of us.

“You weren’t having“ is probably what you meant.

Have not posted in some time :slight_smile:

North Texas like their uniforms, great fonts on the front, reminds me of our past uniforms. But that logo, omg!, it reminds me when your kid goes to an elementary school and maybe once in 6 years you hear the mascot name and logo…

Our uniforms are a bit Orlando Magic 1991, any way from time to time get UNCC or UNC Charlotte back on a uni?? Or at least the fonts we use to use?

and these refs, if this is like, the what the 12th ranked bball league… what level would that make the refs? In a during the week game somewhere in north texas?? :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. When you wrote ESPN+ you actually meant ESPN3? Ok cool.

Shouldn’t you children be in bed by now. :sunglasses:

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Couldn’t defend the inside and when tried to crowd the middle they shot lights out from 3. Was Supica’s injury nose or eye?

Young needed to be more assertive earlier in the 2nd half. Great game overall.

Looked at our adjusted defensive efficiency numbers and of our 11 worst graded defensive games 9 of them are from the last 10 games played, FIU being the lone exception. We have really regressed on that side of the ball.

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Teams have also had a chance to scout and see where others are beating us. WKU was the first game a team seemed to slash and gash us and teams have been doing it ever since.

Our man on man defense is really struggling too. Robb got beat several times tonight. However, tonight was the first time we’ve struggled so much rotating on D, leaving wide open guys under the rim several times.

Yeah our big guys haven’t been doing a good job of getting back down low after hedging up top and Shepherd seems to have a lot of really bad turnovers that lead to transition opportunities for our opponents.

This is the most mind numbing team I’ve ever watched. We are better than I ever imagined at home and we are TERRIBLE on the road.

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It is really weird that road teams are doing terrible across the board in CUSA. The home team has won 68% of the conference contests. Compare that to the A10 who has a more reasonable home winning percentage of 56%. That is a lot of home cooking. The CUSA Refs have been so bad even in our favor at times.

What is the Tie break scenario if FIU, Old Dominion and Us are all tied at 8-6 for the final games?