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If anyone is interested. Lots of talk about Charlotte.

Good link.

Here’s a random quote from a guy who saw the game (in person?):

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Game Preview for Charlotte Reply
From just a fan . . .

This thread posts my thoughts on the Charlotte game after seeing both games tonight. Note that I am just a fan - no ‘insider’ or anything. I am 100% behind coach Carmody and his team.

From my seat, Charlotte looked like a mid-season team tonight. Everything clicked for them, starting with three straight three-pointers for a 9-0 lead. Coppin State was not able to compete, and Charlotte played subs for most of the game.

Compare that start to the Wildcats slow start against Lehigh. At first glance, it seems to be a lock for Charlotte.

BUT There is good news here. First, the 'Cats started slow, but made big progress tonight. The second half displayed a confident and able team scoring 9 points more than LeHigh. I attribute the slow start to getting up to game speed. Also, I suspect it took Coach C. some time to see how new players respond to game speed.

The second bit of good news is that we match up well against Charlotte. I scouted two real threats. Power Forward Curtis Withers is a 6-8 246 lb power foward who can bang and step out. I think that some combination of Thompson, Scott, and Cote’ can stop this guy. Nice to have the size and strength to handle this great player! Guard De’Angelo Alexander is an atheltic 6-5 junior who has an incredible vertical leap. He looks very tough to cover - until you consider Mo Hachad. I think that Hachad can hadle this high-jumper and take away the second of two serious threats.

Summary, while first glance of todays games suggests that Charlotte handles NU - the 'Cats progress and matchups make this one a toss-up.

But this Wildcat fan picks the 'Cats in a great battle.

Go 'Cats![/QUOTE]

Ahhh…Die Hard fans are great. They are fun to watch when tearful streams of disillusionment fall from their face when their team is getting wiped off the floor…

Good reading, Lutz9er even has a thread about him on the [URL=][B]NU site[/B][/URL].:lol:

WOW…now they’re thinking big dance

[QUOTE][SIZE=2] I thought we could win this game, but I didn’t think we could dominate the game the way it sounds like we have. This is a VERY good team that we’re beating. They’ll be in the Big Dance. Let’s hope we get a chance for a rematch![/SIZE][/QUOTE]

^^^^ Wow, you must be shitting me.

Hate to piss on the Wildcat parade, but they beat a hideously coached, offensively deficient team.

“That’s nothing to be proud of Russ”
-Clarke Griswold