Not hearing audio on Yahoo

anyone else having trouble?

Me. I’m getting nothing at all.

Nothing here either

there it goes…finally

weird. Mine just clicked on about 20 seconds ago.

works now!

Go Niners.

Hey do you guys pay the subscription fee or is there somewhere you can get the audio online for free? I live in Wilmington and usually follow the games on gametracker but its not on for this game for some reason. Anyone know where to listen free?

its less than 5 bucks a month to subscribe to on yahoo. Less than the price of a 6 pack

Well I dont want to pay for a service that only works half the time. I see people on here bitching about it every game. And what are you drinking, Beast Light?

I said it was LESS than the price of a 6 pack…and they have been better about getting it working. If you subscribe there are extras too that you don’t get on the radio…like to post game press conference, and the 49er weekly report video. Its a good deal…I would recomend buying it

You win, i’ll get try it but not til feb.