"Notable Coaching Vacancies"


I saw that, it was on the UAB/UNC-CH game. To be fair, it’s obvious they only included BCS teams.

Yeah I saw that too, but wasn’t surprised that we weren’t mentioned. As someone just said, it’s all about the BCS.

also note the final score of the Temple-UConn game… UG-LY

Yes its only bcs, but they should say that in the title. Maybe even say “power conference vacancies” Do you think if xavier or gonzaga had vacancies this year they would leave them out???

I’m most likely going to grad school at Auburn. Hopefully they don’t hire a dud.

Ever think we’re not “notable” on the national level? We haven’t been for half a decade now. I hate it but its the truth. Hopefully Judy will hire someone that does garner ESPN respect and gets us on their lists more often, the good lists anyway!