Nuggets Coach To Be Fired?

So it was reported that the Nuggets coach will be fired, this report was later denyed by the Nugs GM. When something like that breaks, there is usually some truth to it. No one knows for sure if he will be fired or not, but if he is, does Rodney resign and get a fighting chance to start for that team? People say the GM is sold on Rodney’s skill and will resign him in a heartbeat, it’s just the coach who won’t play him. May not be an issue if he’s not fired, but if he is, this might be the break we all think he needs to show he can be a scoring force in the league.

Also interesting, even if he doesn’t get fired, most agree he will be gone after next year, so does Rodney resign and wait out another 8 mpg year with a decent chance at starting under a new coach in 05-06. Or does he sign elsewhere trying to get more minutes right away?

and does anyone have any inside info on what he’s planning to do?