Official NNN Game of Thrones (HBO) thread

I was just having some fun with it. You made a good point. I’m not sure that GoT was bigger in America than MASH (I loved Cheers and Seinfeld, but those were 30 minutes sitcoms), but worldwide, yeah, GoT has been enormous. Mind boggling really. You could realistically strike up a conversation about the show with a native of quite a few countries in the world (even a few that may not love us), if you can conquer the language barrier.

That’d be pretty neat for a couple people who are supposed to be enemies to bond over GoT. Shared experiences are really powerful that way.

You’re right to highlight the worldwide aspect of it. Other than sporting events (like today’s UCL final), there aren’t that many things that capture this level of global viewership.

Winter is Coming: A Song of Ice and Fire among thousands of books banned in Kansas prisons.

One last season finale video. This one is worth watching, because Alt-Shift-X makes a lot of the thematic connections that the show runners did such a bad job making.

If you are looking for some closure of the TV story, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you watch this one:

Definitely worth it.

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By that point, a mercy “killing” of a once great show.

I enjoyed the entire show. Never got caught up in the “ending sucks” narrative. Of course, I never read the books so there’s that.

Wouldn’t have mattered re: the ending because GRRM still hasn’t written it. Hell we are still waiting on Winds of Winter, which he has been promising for 13 years.

He is never writing the end of the story.

I got to the GoT game late, after season six or so, but I thought the ending was terrible, made no sense, and did the entire series a disservice. You don’t build up an entire show to an epic battle for humanity and then have that be a mid season anticlimactic episode followed by events that make absolutely no sense. I still like Got but the last season in particular was total shit.


Show literally cut 70% of Bran’s story (from the books) and then said “who has a better story than Bran the Broken?”

That’s gaslighting.

How are you guys liking House of the Dragon, if you’re watching it?

I don’t hate it so far.