Old Barn

clt says to save the barn!

Rebuild the barn!

Tear down the soon to be rebuilt barn!

[quote=“The White Samurai, post:3, topic:27901”]Rebuild the barn![/quote] We need a place out of the weather for our annual picnic. Rebuild the barn!

I noticed Bonnie and Dr Heck were later discussing how best to utilize the manure from the barn. Kind of maybe explains one reason the students lit candles inside.

I can just imagine the kids back then telling their folks they wanted to go to this awesome college in the middle of a farmer’s field with two classroom buildings, and a barn full of manure. Kinda amazing we ever grew past that point.

Rebuild the torn down rebuilt barn!!

Tear down Colvard! Rebuild the barn!

Regardless of the barn - i agree with this.

Regardless of the barn - i agree with this.[/quote]

If we tear down Colvard, can we keep the toilets? All you have to do to flush is lean back. My avatar photo was taken in one of the Colvard stalls.

Interesting comment. The thing is, back then and before me, we kids and not-so “kids” from middle/working class families JUST WANTED A CHANCE TO GO TO COLLEGE, PERIOD. This school was created to make that happen (Thanks, forever, Miss Bonnie!), so we were happy and proud with what began literally in a pasture beside a barn full of manure. My life “blossomed” out of that manure strewn field, so to speak, from elementary school educated, cotton mill workers’ kid to a very proud and appreciative Charlotte alum who had a productive career and now lives a comfortable retirement. It was a true blessing for which I will forever be thankful.