Old Images of campus

Looks like a golf course to the top right in this image. Hard to tell from a black and white but apparently this is a Master Plan image from the '70s with “added in” proposed buildings.


For comparison.

clt says that pic is lacking the hotel on campus

Corner of 29 and W.T. Harris.

Green Acres is the renamed Mecklenburg County Home. This is looking back towards campus. The lake is the only thing that remains today. Atrium University occupies this current site. A similar picture today would show EPIC, JRS, Rec Fields, ect…

This was from the 70’s.


Yep. That’s what it looked like when I was in school. Just upper left, out of frame, was a cow pasture.

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Wow…not a car in sight !

clt has a campus master plan from the 90’s somewhere that showed a lake suitable for crew on campus