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This year, we will see some important upgrades to Jerry Richardson Stadium, including a new video display board, LED Ribbon Boards, and sound system. In addition to the new video board, 110 feet of LED ribbon boards will be installed in the stadium endzones. Completing the project will be the installation of a brand new stadium sound system with increased clarity and definition. We will also be adding new premium seating options and some creative menu items at the concession stands. Adjacent to the stadium will be The 49th Acre dedicated to student tailgating, something that is already the envy of schools across the country. And in Halton Arena, fans will enjoy larger LED boards which will dramatically enhance the fans’ experience. Stay tuned to our social platforms for more information about these new features.



Let’s just see how often Mike is “open” !

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I know he was looking at ways to improve communication to the fanbase. I had expressed that as a concern / grievance to him a while back. Personally I am glad they are trying to improve in that area.

I didn’t notice the ribbon boards when I first looked at the Football scoreboard shot.


Love the additions, but what we need to dramatically enhance the fans
experience is more W’s…


Hopefully football plays as well as its been recruiting

Agreed. The upgrades are great but winning games would really help things.


Mike did very well with this communication effort. Now he needs to show it off to the remainder of the City. I don’t pay attention to billboards. I try to avoid watching commercials. Maybe Mike can buy some advertising spots on the video screens at Knights, Hornets, FC Soccer and Panthers games?

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AND SOUND SYSTEM :loud_sound:

This is kinda cool but also strange … looks like a pop up that they can move from the Rich to Halton… Unless they’re gonna make 2 of them?

I was gonna put this in the stadium construction thread but it kinda applies to both (and the interest form makes that apparent)


This can’t possible be on the South side as described can it?

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Looks great at the Rich, cool idea for Halton. Will be intrested to see its excecutuion for basketball since the SAC is a multipurpose facility.

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Looks like they won’t be rolling out the upper level in halton between 228 and 233 and will have the bar there instead.

If it lives up the the rendering it looks well done and not cheap/tacky


clt asks about the smoking policy at the new club

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Is it clear to anyone where it will be located at the stadium?

There are 2 prime places to put it at the stadium:

  1. student side on the giant open area

  2. NE end zone (opposite the field house).

#1 makes it highly visible with good site lines, but does limit some prime (temp) seating opportunities.

#2 is where we have had our beer garden before and it is out of the way of cameras etc.

Pros and cons to both.

I’d love to see it become a permanent fixture of stadium expansion if it works well. Several other stadiums have similar permanent areas. But you could just as easily put it in a club area in the new press tower.

I know the university advertises at CLTFC games, both within BofA stadium and on the radio with the ads narrated by Bronico.


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Where’s the Biff Burrito?