Opinions are like assholes

[quote=“Niner National, post:20, topic:26983”]There are several places that are walking distance to the University honestly. They just feel further away than they are. Add in that everyone has cars and every bar has ample parking and it removes the need to walk.

The University area really needs a nightclub kind of place though. There hasn’t been one since Daisy Dukes / SoHo East went out of business. Since then, everyone just started going out Uptown.

I’ve always been amazed that nothing took over that spot. That place didn’t go out of business because it was doing poorly, it went out of business because their liquor license was revoked.[/quote]

While it is possible to walk, the area is not pedestrian friendly. Many of the popular bars in Madison, WI are farther away from student housing at UW than the bars in UCity are from UNC Charlotte. However, all of Madison is much more pedestrian friendly than UCity is. I think if you added more sidewalks and reduced speed limits, you would get much more people walking than driving. The speed limit is actually raised to 50 MPH on 49 by the university.


Just saying if you’re going to do a 4 day schedule, then do Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday/Friday and have Mondays off. It doesn’t encourage students to leave till after the football games on Saturday and frankly Mondays suck. Plus I think students are more likely to study on an off Monday than and off Friday, JMHO.[/quote]

For school pride, I agree with you. But in general, Friday off > Monday off.