Osamuede "Ede" Egharevba - 2011 Wing

prepped this year at the Mack Academy in Charlotte. Ede lists Hofstra, Charlotte, Fordham, URI, Rice, VT & others that are involved.

profiles are from 2010

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ESPN - 76 rating

from doing some reading about this kid, it sounds like he might be a good addition. 6’6", really athletic and can shoot the three.

I’m actually not really excited about this if we’re pushing hard. We need a big man much worse than an athletic wing. We’ll have like 7 guys on the roster next year that are athletic and can shoot the 3. We need a post presence, unless they are thinking Thorne is less of a project than what we think he’ll be.

i agree that we need a big man but the traditional big man is becoming extinct. having guys who are long and athletic, can play pressure defense and can shoot the three are what win championship. lets say we cant get one of the top juco big man and our options are jaleel roberts, the 6’8" kid from mack academy and that euro big guy that we are recruiting. how do you want the most? rank the order from first to fourth. i would say from what i have read.
1.) roberts
2.) this kid
3.) mack academy kid
4.) euro kid

Taking an official visit to Wichita State tomorrow, per his twitter account.

I’ve been to Wichita. There’s nothing there except Prairie grass and tornadoes…

When EVN was out their he said their facilities stood out amongst the schools that he visited. But anyway. There’s also their community support but I won’t bother getting into since it’s a waste of text.

RT @TheRecruitScoop: Osamuede Egharevba, a 2011 wing out of Mack Academy (NC) committed to Wichita State today.