OT: 10 biggest disappointments

Here is a mildly entertaining article from Doyel. He lists New Jersey hoops (Rutgers, Princeton, and Seton Hall) as his number one dissappointment of the season. I have only seen Rutgers play 3 games this year… against us, Pitt., and Syracuse. Yes, we gave them a win but judging by the way they have played in the other two games, I can’t believe they are only 8-13 this year with an RPI of 173. That loss really hurts.


There are also 3 ACC teams on the list. I particularly liked this line:

[b]The Wolfpack (14-10, 4-7) are symbolic of the ACC as a whole -- lots of windup, not so much delivery.[/b]
[i]Originally posted by LutzFan[/i]@Feb 15 2005, 01:46 PM [b]
[b]The Wolfpack (14-10, 4-7) are symbolic of the ACC as a whole -- lots of windup, not so much delivery.[/b]
There goes Doyel's media pass for the ACC tournament.

i don’t understand why it says ''Martin Iti and Charlotte have barged into the AP top 25"… you would think it would say eddie basden and charlotte, or maybe curt, or maybe even plav - but iti??

If I ever sow seeds and produce a son, he will be named Mustafa Shakur Dickson.

Doyel has always had a soft spot for Iti.

Iti has helped us get this far as much as Alan Keynes duaghter has helped his political career!

We beat Yale because of him and Leemire alone. He should get a free pass from the Hatorade just for that.

No hatorade for anybody anymore, with the possible exception of Withers, we’re into it too far. Let me explain:

Plavich is an absolute weapon that can win any game almost by himself. He de-moralizes opponents at times with the deep three. He also can’t guard me at times and that hurts. We all know this. Baldwin is the exact opposite, limited offensively, but quick as a minute and can defend with the best of them.
Basden gets more from his talent than anyone I’ve seen in a long time. He doesn’t really have a weakness or a strength but can dominate at times, ask Huggins. Maybe he’s a throwback and uses his brain a little.

Now to Withers. No excuse for him not being the best player on the floor unless we go deep into the tourney (NCAA). He’s been the man the last few games. BUT, he has to keep being THAT man. We can beat a bad team with him not being a stud, but when the heat turns up, he’s got to put the squad on his shoulders.

As an old coach used to say, “Be the f***ing man, they can’t guard you, go show 'em!”. If he does that, we’ll see a lot of games for the rest of this year and be happy a lot.