OT: App St considering NEW football stadium

from the WS Journal:

Since Niner Football is always a hot topic

Hmmm, I found this last paragraph interesting:

β€œCost is a factor, of course,” Peacock said. β€œEast Carolina University received some money from the state to assist with their stadium, and basically Appalachian is doing it (proposed renovation and expansion of Kidd Brewer Stadium) without state assistance. I have feelers out to say β€˜Can we do this under economic development for this region?’”

Money from the state to assist with football stadium?!?!? That’s the power of politics people. The western half of the state gets shafted, while ECU, NCSU and especially Chapel Hill get all the money. :o

Just like the RBC Center at NC State was funded by the state, and when the City of Charlotte wanted some help from the state to build an arena they were denied.

The Nose Dome is largely funded by NC taxpayers.

RBC Center construction was partially funded by the state (~22millon), in addition to NCSU and Wake County funding. Hurricanes kicked in some bucks to add hockey specific updates to the building.

Dean Dome was built w/ private dollars however, operations deficits are funded by the state.