OT: Bama picks up another


This team is stacked with recruits and they keep getting richer, picked up a top 10 player to go along with Gee for 05. If he ever shows up they will be scary next year.

Our schedule with them is only a 2 year deal, right? It would be nice to be able to go down to Tuscolusa and smack Gee and company early in their 05 season, but I wouldn’t put money on us winning a game down there. Hopefully we can send a nice message in December, good job by our coaches scheduling them, weren’t really on the national radar before last year’s tourny, now they may be a top 15 team when they come into town.

Big plus for them getting hendrix, regarded as the #1 PF by the sporting news, may be bad for us but at least they screwed UNC, his other suitor.