OT - Belk College gets $1M Donation

Not too shabby from a former employer…

BB&T donates $1M to Belk College of Business

BB&T donates $1M to Belk College of Business
Thursday August 25, 3:02 pm ET

The BB&T Charitable Foundation has donated $1 million to the Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte to create a program for the study of the moral foundations of free enterprise.

The donation stems from discussion between BB&T Chairman and Chief Executive John Allison IV and Claude Lilly, dean of the school.

“During a dinner meeting last year, our conversation turned from ethics and leadership to metaphysics, objectivism and Ayn Rand,” Lilly says. “John and I discovered that we share an interest in how business schools discuss capitalism in their courses, as well as the importance of teaching ethics and values in business.”

The donation will be made over five years. The course will be offered to advanced business undergraduates and MBA students.

Lilly will be the first instructor of the course, which will be offered as a business elective in the spring semester.

The gift will also fund faculty research on the philosophical underpinnings of capitalism, create a speakers series, support the Center for Applied Ethics at UNC Charlotte and establish an Ayn Rand reading room on campus. Rand wrote books that celebrated individual achievement.

Published August 25, 2005 by the Charlotte Busine
ss Journal

Great, JohnBoy just bought us “Ayn Rand 1101”.


(I guess a donation is a donation).

Where are all the rich scientists from UNC Charlotte at? II want to see an R. Buckminster Fuller reading room in the shape of a geodesic dome or the James Watson double-helix walkway from Science and Tech to the SAC (that’d be a tricky one to walk).

[i]Originally posted by NinerAdvocate[/i]@Aug 30 2005, 11:58 AM [b] Great, JohnBoy just bought us "Ayn Rand 1101".

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz [/b]

From Wikipedia… :rolleyes:
[b]Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism have been the subject of a great deal of criticism from various groups. In the realm of analytic philosophy, however, the currently dominant mode of philosophy in the United States, it is more accurate to say that Rand's work has been mostly ignored. [b]University departments considered leaders in the field of analytic philosophy pay scant attention to her work.[/b] For example, a study of the websites of well-regarded departments in both the analytic and Continental philosophy traditions, produced by Brian Leiter, reveals not one department that considers an acquiantance with Rand's work a necessary prerequsite for the Ph.D.[/b]
But they do pay attention to $1 million dollars!!! :lol:
[i]Originally posted by NinerAdvocate[/i]@Aug 30 2005, 12:58 PM [b] (I guess a donation is a donation). [/b]