OT: Carolina Thunder

A friend of mine went to watch the ABA’s Carolina Thunder play this past Saturday (they play in the Cabarrus Arena). Turns out Byron Dinkins is the starting pg, averaging 8.5 points and 4 assists in 3 games (they are 1 - 2 so far). Tickets are real cheap. I never got to see him play as a Niner, hope to catch him up there sometime.

Good to know that Dinkins is still playing.

I felt that after Dink’s junior year he would be a solid NBA player. Then he had a disastrous senior year and never seemed to get his confidence back.

He had a few stints with the Rockets and Pacers but never made much of an impact. I remember that he was also the last cut of the Hornets one year.

It seemed at that time when Dink was able to fly under the radar he did fine. Once the pressure and expectations heated up, he wilted. Instead of getting better, he regressed.