OT: Coach Wat outta work again?

Not looking good for the “Pretty Boy” coach Quin Snyder at Missouri. The Tigers are 10-11 (2-6 Big XII) after last night’s loss to Kansas.

From a St. Louis sportwriter:

[b]Only two things could save (Missouri head coach Quin) Snyder now: The cost of sending him away and the difficulty of replacing him while Mizzou is on probation.

The school paid him enormous money to build a top-tier national program. He hasn’t even built a top-tier Big 12 program during his six-year run, so his regime has been a profound failure.[/b]


STLToday.com: Home or away, doesn’t matter: Mizzou and SLU stink

That game last night was classic.

Mizzou was riding Kansas to a decent half time lead. Then, in the 2nd half, Kansas just went haywire and Quin Snyder had the best look on his face - it was like he had just been busted for soliciting a transvestite hooker. Should go down in Bill Simmons’ Pantheon of “so-and-so faces”. Classic stuff.

Some people would have a stroke making such facial expressions.

its good to see dookies be unsuccesful, unless their name is mullins.