OT: Columnist takes "dig" at Digger

From Matt Jones of Hoopville.com commenting on ESPN’s hoops version of “Gameday”:

However the new edition does need a great deal of improvement. First, Digger Phelps is a disaster as the second road analyst. Part of the reason that the football version of Gameday is so successful, is the excitement generated by the unadulterated goofiness of Lee Corso. Corso is a decent analyst who long ago determined that his ticket to popularity was via playing the role of an over-the-top showman, willing to say and do anything for a laugh. His decision to put on the mascot heads of the teams he believed would win the big games contributed to his status as a loveable old loon, who understood that sports were ultimately about fun. Digger Phelps is nearly as goofy as Corso, but in a completely unintentional way. His personality borders on the non-existent and he has found a way to pull off something that very few could. He is both amazingly boring and completely uninformative – a tremendous combination! His inclusion on Gameday adds nothing and has made it substantially less entertaining than its football brethren. The show has potential, but the dragging down effect of Digger, combined with the poor decision of locations (only focusing on Sat. night games on ESPN, thus leaving out a trip to Duke-UNC!) could spell disaster in the long run.

Link: Hoopville.com

That pretty much sums 'ol Richard up, doesn’t it?