OT: Congress to probe NCAA

USAToday.com: House committee calls NCAA hearing

Of course, I’d take this more seriously if it wasn’t a Congressman from Alabama calling for the probe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congress sure loves to get involved in sports these days what with steriods and all. I am glad to see them step in against the National Comittee Against Athletes however. The NCAA has been atrocious as of late, being seemingly stagnant on the obvious violations (a la quin snyder), yet penalizing individual athetes and even barring them from playing any college sports on very suspect grounds. From what I hear the NCAA also RARELY grants any meetings with athletes, apparently it is below them.

I hope they probe’em with a baseball bat! The criminals. Myles Brand is a tyranical nut.

Glad to see something happen…NCAA is one of the evilest thing in American.