OT: Donald Craig Planet Suzuki

Up late and turned over to WBTV and came across The Donald Craig Planet Suzuki half hour infomercial with QCB. Has anyone else seen this? Please someone give a shot of describing this train wreck. My only way would be a low budget cable acess half hour talk show that looks like it belongs on a spanish speaking channel but is in English. Strangely and pathetically fascinating. If anyone comes in late and is drunk or high please give it a go.

If you only knew!!

I’ve been in the Auto Finance business for over 10yrs and have worked with nearly every dealership in the state. The 2 Donald Craig stores in this area are nightmares. I will not go into detail on here but if you’re thinking of buying a car from one of these 2 stores PM me first.

Don (owner) is OK but…Helme…

Is this the one where someone drive up in car(at the dealership) and they are describing it in costume(or something) and all…and then it cont. like this over and over?